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Moses Interpreted by the Pharisees and Jesus .

Titolo: Moses Interpreted by the Pharisees and Jesus .

Autore: Neudecker, Reinhard

Marchio editoriale: GBPress

Luogo di edizione: Roma

Data di pubblicazione: 01 / 01 / 2012

Stato editoriale: Attivo

Prezzo: € 20,00

EAN: 9788876536618

The study deals with one of the central parts of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, commonly called the “antitheses”. Matthew 5:17-48 presents these contrapositions of the Pharisees and Jesus on certain biblical injunctions in an abbrevoated and biased form. By studying the “antitheses” in the light of early rabbinic sources we gain adequate background information enabling us to discover – apart from some points that do not correspond to present-day conceptions – valuable teachings and insights, many of which were shared by Jesus.

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Lingua: Inglese (Lingua del testo)

Tipo di prodotto: Libro

Dettagli: Legatura cucita

Collana: Subsidia Biblica

Numero collana: 44

Numero edizione: 1