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Fratelli tutti: the dream of God for a more human world.

Titolo: Fratelli tutti: the dream of God for a more human world.

Autori: Basanese, Laurent; Huang, Daniel Patrick

Marchio editoriale: GBPress

Luogo di edizione: Roma

Data di pubblicazione: 24 / 11 / 2022

Stato editoriale: Attivo

Prezzo: € 22,00

EAN: 9788878394773

One of the key words in Pope Francis’ Encyclical Fratelli tutti on fraternity and social friendship is “dream.” He begins with an invitation: “Let us dream then, as a single human family” (No. 8). He ends with a prayer: “Inspire in us a dream of renewed encounter, dialogue, justice and peace” (No. 287). To dream, for Pope Francis, is to practice hope. His goal in Fratelli tutti is precisely “to take up and discuss many new paths of hope” (No. 54). In celebration of the first anniversary of Fratelli tutti, the Pontifical Gregorian University, in collaboration with Georgetown University, organized a series of conferences from October to December 2021, aimed at disseminating and deepening understanding of the important message of the Encyclical. Speakers from the various Faculties, Institutes, and Centers of the Gregorian University reflect, in this book, on various “paths of hope” presented from the point of view of their respective disciplines.

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Lingua: Inglese (Lingua del testo)

Tipo di prodotto: Libro

Collana: Interreligious and Intercultural Investigations

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