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Call me Giuseppe. Father Ambrosoli, doctor and missionary

Titolo: Call me Giuseppe. Father Ambrosoli, doctor and missionary

Autore: Soglio, Elisabetta

Editore: San Paolo Edizioni

Data di pubblicazione: 01 / 01 / 1999

Stato editoriale: Attivo

Prezzo: € 13,00

EAN: 9788892217843

The extraordinary life of the Comboni missionary and surgeon Giuseppe Ambrosoli, known in Uganda as ‘Doctor of Charity,’ is narrated by the authors through the accounts, letters and stories of those who worked with him. What strikes the most is the simple greatness of this humble and brave man, who gave up his life for that of the poor. Every year the hospital he founded, now called the Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital, provides treatment to thousands of children, women and men, with unfailing professional care and love.

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Lingua: Inglese (Lingua del testo)

Tipo di prodotto: Libro

Collana: I protagonisti

Numero collana: 184

Numero edizione: 1

Pagine: 168

Altezza (mm): 130

Larghezza (mm): 110